Nice tip for useful MS Project filters


Whilst  MS Project comes with some useful filters, they can still be a bit annoying.

Here’s a great tip for creating some dynamic filters that avoids the user having to continually enter dates to tell MS Project what to look for.

Most of the time we just want to see tasks due to finish in the next week or another time period and not have to bother telling MS Project today’s date.



To do this:

    • Simply customise one of the Date field using the function “Date()” and call it “Today” – this will always hold Today’s date (if you have calculation turned on).


    • Then you can set other Date fields using a function using DateAdd like  “DateAdd(“d”,7,Date())”  to create a date field that will calculate a date 7 days later than today. Change the 7 to amend the number of days (this can be negative to go back in time) or even change the “d” to “m” to move the date by the number of months.Name the field something obvious like “Today plus 7d”.


  • Then you can start using the custom field you’ve created in filters to show  things like “Tasks due in the next 7 days” (i.e. Finish is greater or equal to “Today”, and Finish is less or equal to “Today plus 7d”).


This gives you  a filter that you can share with others, safe in the knowledge that you’re not relying on them to

a) know what day it is
b) key this correctly into a filter!

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