PMO Automation

You could say I’ve been “around the block a bit” in terms of contract work the PMO arena.

However, the journey at each client has been very similar.

It starts with a variety of methods being used to collect the plethora of information usually needed as part of a large programme of work. Specialist portfolio tools, Excel, MS Project and other software may be in place, which a PMO will have to work with to manually pull information together, reformat and then publish in governance reports.

A common phrase I hear on arrival is “why does it have to be like this?”, to which my response is “It doesn’t.”. Thereafter it’s a case of developing automated solutions to that provide an antidote to this inefficient and labour intensive processes and putting a smile back on people’s faces.

Over the last 10 years I’ve automated a number of processes. Now, rather than offering the standard commoditised PMO service, I am talking to clients about a different offering:

a short sharp period of analysis and development of a toolset that maximises the efficiency and value to be extracted from the people and tools in place with ongoing support for in situ PMO staff after that.

The results can be dramatic – some examples are changing a pack production process that previously took 2 days run in 30 mins, PMO teams halved in size etc.

On the basis that a picture paints a thousand words, the clip below gives one example of such an automation. The whole process from pressing the Generate Report in Excel to running a Powerpoint screenshow of output takes approximately 2 mins. For those who’ve worked in PMO, you’ll understand the time saving this can bring:

Click PMO Automation for a PDF providing more details.

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