Throwing out the baby with the bathwater….

Being UK based, I’m not entirely sure if the saying travels, so apologies if this offends and I’m certainly not encourage anyone to launch young children across the room at bathtime!

If you stick with me, I’ll hopefully make some sense to give the saying a bit of context.

When people want to improve PMO process and reporting, the temptation is to initiate a programme to overhaul the complete project management landscape (the bathwater), throwing out all the existing project management artefacts (the babies) and implement a shiny new portfolio management tool.

I’ve seen lots of cases where this has happened, PMO drive the implementation of a new system without the buy in of the project manager community and guess what? A few months down the line, lots of areas of the portfolio management tools are either left unused, or are used by the PMs through gritted teeth with the bare minimum being done to comply with standards whilst a plethora of other tools (mainly MS Office) are used on a day to day basis.

This leads to a worse situation – increased licence and infrastructure costs, disaffected PMs as they have extra work, poorer information in PMO.

I’d suggest taking a good hard look at what is in place, and if the artefacts have the information required by the PMO and it’s working for the PMs think about other ways to improve PMO.

This is where automation can come in – for a modest investment (a book on Amazon, or a short course), encourage PMO staff to become conversant with VBA (I’m guessing most information will be in MS Office) – with some knowledge, you can get some real time savers and improve quality too.

Contact me if you want some suggestions for book that help.

Alternatively, check out for a service which will have most of the automation prepared for you.

Now where’s my rubber duck and soap on a rope…..?

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