What we do

In the many years we’ve worked in the Programme Planning arena we’ve come across the same underlying issues time and time again.

There’s usually a complex network of separate projects that all need to come together at a point to deliver a number of releases or implementations.  Sitting alongside this is a number of separate, distinct audiences hungry for real time and accurate information that can inform them of how their project, programme or portfolio is performing.

In the middle of all this is a project manager, who often can look on planning and reporting as something that a necessary evil  but simply too time consuming to merit the attention.

Our solution is to design a framework for planning that;

  • gives project managers the planning and reporting tools that can make their life easier
  • expects information to be entered  only once and then reused throughtout the reporting process
  • has flexibility to meet the adhoc requirements of senior stakeholders
  • remains as an asset for the client


All this is backed up some leading technical skills that can revolutionise the reporting process, decimating  the cost of production and allowing PMO resources to add real value.
We’ve implemented solutions that join up disparate sources  of information (like Sharepoint, MS Project, Powerpoint, Excel etc)  from all aspects of the Portfolio or Programme Management area (plans, risks, issues, finances etc) so that a consolidated dashboard can be generated at the push of the button.)

The outcome?

More accurate and up to date information specific to the audience, produces at a fraction of the time and effort if manually produced by PMO staff , with happy project managers able to focus on delivery rather than report writing.

Contact us to see how we can deliver these benefits in your programme.